Selling your Home Alone?

Sep 01, 2016


Selling your home takes time, energy and may take you through a lot of crazy shenanigans. That, however, is only really true if you’re selling your home alone.

That isn’t to say you’ll be outrunning burglars and tricking thieves like Kevin McAllister in Home Alone, but you should be clever and resourceful, knowing there’s plenty of competition and sellers’ booby-traps.

It’s extremely helpful to have someone who can view your house and neighbourhood objectively, work with you to identify your needs, negotiate — and get — the right value price for your home.

A real estate agent, should have ample real-world experience, the reach to attract more potential buyers, and a strong understanding and connection to the Guelph community.

They need to guide you every step of the way, from setting an asking price and showcasing your home, to negotiating counter offers and writing up contracts, to save you both time, stress and in the long run, money.

You may not realize certain selling points of your home — such as location to a community centre, grocery store or proximity to schools; how that new roof or deck will increase your value, or how wonderful it is that your community has had minimal experience with the Wet Bandits and low crime.

An agent should listen to what you loved about the house and use all the data accessible to me, to better market your listing, and establish a relationship with the buyers and their agent to ensure it’s a smooth, organized process.

More than anything, they should take an honesty-first approach, and will be realistic with you in terms of timeline, goals, and represent you to the very best of their ability.

Our Guelph community has a large network here to give your listing a further reach, and someone who can guide you through every step of the selling process is what you are looking for. You won’t wake up one day with two houses in your name and a long list of shenanigans to conquer like in Home Alone.

Earlier this year I learned of a story where of a home — for sale by the owner — lost him $9,000. He received two offers through realtors, and was thrilled, until the fees and time spent took its toll. He had to pay the realtor who brought him the offer, as well as his lawyer a much higher rate since it was privately sold. He also had to hope the experienced real estate agent didn't use their knowledge for the benefit of the buyer.

His neighbour sold his house one week later using a real estate agent, and they received above asking price, and after fees to the realtor, came out on top by $9,000.

That neighbour had normal legal rates, professional representation with a realtor who protected them on an even field; had free staging — including furniture, all showings booked by the realtors office, and clients viewing the property were known to the agents.

Now maybe you love to do things alone and perhaps even the money doesn't matter to you, but I learned many years ago, it was better to hire a professional and save myself the time, money and aggravation.

For more information on how I can help you get more for your home, give me a call at 519-824-9050.

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